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Winners of Multivision Festival 2017

The winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”


Winners in the Short animations competition (graduation films included)

Grand Prix. The Best Animated Short

Negative Space (dir. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata/France/2017/5’30)

“The Best Script” and “The Best Graduation Film”

Grandpa Walrus (dir. Jerome Barthelemy, Daniel Sauvage/France/2016/14’53)

“The Best Art Direction”

Nocturne (dir. Anne Breymann/Germany/2016/5’19)

Hybrids (dir. Florian Brauch/Matthieu Pujol/Kim Tailhades/Yohan Thireau/Romain Thirion/ France/ 2017/ 6’18)

“The Best Animation for Children”

Summer Camp Island (dir. JuliaPott/USA/2017/8’42)

“The Best Producer” — Serguey Kapkov

Animatango (dir. Elena Chernova/Russia /2017/4’55)

Special Mentions

“The Funniest Animation“ and “The Best Entertainment Animation”

Voyagers (dir. Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumény, Alexandre Dumez, Léa Finucci & Marina Roger/ France/2017/7’33)

“The Best Social Animation”

Corp. (dir. Pablo Polledri/Argentina/2016/9’00)

“The Best Animation about Friendship”

Pussy (dir. Renata Gasiorowska/ Poland/2016/8’0)

“The Best Animation about Love”

The Absence of Eddy Table (dir. Rune Spaars/Norway/2016/12’17)

“The Best Tale”

Hedgehog’s Home (dir. Eva Cvijanovic/Croatia/2017/10’08)

“Vive l’animation!”

The Table (dir. Eugène Boitsov/France/2016/4’19)


Winners of the Best animated video installation competition in Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

  • “The Best Video Installation”

Too Tame! (dir. Rebecca Bloecher/ Germany/2017/6’41)

  • “The Best Artist” – Alice Saey

“Mark Lotterman – Happy” (Netherlands/2017/6’35)

Special Mentions

  • “For Modern Adaptation of Antique Technologies”

L’illusion de Joseph (dir. Pasquale D’Amico/Italy/2017/2’12)

  • “For the Fantastic World”

Aenigma (dir. Aris Fatouros/Antonis Ntoussias/Greece/2016/10’06)

  • “For the Picturesqueness”

Battle of San Romano (dir. Georges Schwizgebel/ Switzerland/2017/2’25)

Official selection of this year to be found here

We are very grateful to all the authors and studios who sent their works to our competition, and we are waiting for your new animations at our next edition!

Grand Prix. The Best Animated Short 2017

Winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”

Short animations competition Jury:

President of the jury: 
Konstantin Bronzit 
– animated film director, two-time  Oscar nominee, Grand Prix of the Annecy Festival 2015
Dmitry Vysotsky, animated film director
Ilya Maximov – animated film director  
Andrey Sikorsky – animated film artist, sculptor  
Andrey Bakhurin – animated film director, script writer and artist
Nikolay Kopeikin – artist and musician,
Anastasia Kuryokhina, art director of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center


Grand Prix
Life with Herman H. Rott (dir. Chintis Lundgren/Estonia/ Croatia/ Denmark/2015/11’07)

The Best Script
The Head Vanishes (dir. Franck Dion/France/2016/10’)

The Best Visual Imagery
Mishimasaiko (dir. Aude Danset/France/2016/14’00)

The Best Animation for Children
The Teeny-weeny Fox (dir. Aline Quertain, Sylwia Szkiladz / France, Belgium, Switzerland / 2015 /8’22)

The Best Student Animation (2 films)
Gokurosama (dir. Clémentine Frère, Aurore Gal, Yukiko Meignien, Anna Mertz, Robin Migliorelli, Romain Salvini/ France/2016/3’20)
Belle Comme Un Coeur (dir. Gregory Casares/Switzerland/2015/11’50)

Honorable Mentions

For the virtuoso animation technique    
Party (dir. Daniel Barany/ Hungary/2015/4’08) 

For the invincible music in the soul
Parade (dir. Digna van der Put/Netherlands/2015/ 4’14) 

For visualization of the existential abandonment
Decorado (dir. Alberto Vazquez/Spain, France/2016/11’12) 

For eroticism in geometry
69 sec (dir. Laura Nicolas/Belgium/2015/1’42) 

For the hard polyphony in cinema
Pianо (dir. Kaspar Jancis/Estonia/2015/10’11)  –

For  the  invention of a phantasy world
Crabe phare (dir. Gaëtan Borde, Benjamin Lebourgeois, Claire Vandermeersh, Alexandre Veaux, Mengjing Yang/France/2015/ 6’51) 

The Best animation made by children 
What A Fuss (Belgium/2015)

Video Installations Competition at the Erarta Museum of the Contemporary Art

The Festival Jury in video installations competition: 
Andrey Sicorsky – animated film artist, sculptor, 
Dmitry Shorin- artist, 
Dmitry Vysotsky – animated film director 
Pavel Markaitis – chief of exhibition department at Erarta contemporary Art Museum 


Post Rebis (Alessandro Аmaducci/Italy/2016) 
To Be Continued … (KIM&HIM (Nils Andersen & Sabina Kim)/Germany/2015)

Official selection of this year to be found here

We are very grateful to all the authors and studios who sent their works to our competition, and we are waiting for your new animations at our next edition!

Winners of XIII International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”

Download Multivision Festival 2015 Catalogue

The professional Jury announced the winners of XIII International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”. You can find the list of awards and honorable mentions here

Short animations competition Jury:
Ilya Maximov – animated film director  
Andrey Sikorsky – animated film artist  
Alexandra Averyanova – animated film director and artist
Dmitry Shorin – artist


We can’t live without cosmos (Konstantin Bronzit/ 2014/  Russia/ 15’)
The Best Visual Imagery
Castillo y el Armado (Pedro Harres / Brazil/ 2014/ 13’46)

The Best Story
My Home (Phuong Mai Nguyen/ France/2014/ 11’55)

The Best Animation for Children (shared between two films)
Dimitri in Ubuyu (Agnès Lecreux, Fabien Drouet/ France/ 2014/ 27’18)
Tigres à la queue leu leu (Benoît Chieux/France/2014/7’58)

The Best Experimental Animation
Re÷belief (Raymond McCarthy Bergeron/ USA/ 2014)

The Best Student Animation
Why banana snarls  (Svetlana Razguiaeva/Russia/ 2014/ 10’13)

Honorable Mentions

For having organized the unorganizable 
producer Serguey Kapkov, Owl me tender  (Aleksey Alekseev, Svetlana Andrianova, Andrey Bakhurin, Natalya Berezovaya, Alex Budovsky, Andrey Zolotukhin, Gayana Matevosyan, Ivan Maximov, Sergey Merinov, Naira Muradyan, Monique Almelle Renault , Marina Rosset, Yulia Ruditskaya, Sasha Svirsky, Natalya Skryabina, Mikhail Tumelya, Yuliya Tkhay, Ramil Usmanov, Rim Sharafutdinov/ Russia/2015/5’)

For the human hope 
Limbo Limbo Travel (Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi /France, Hungary/2014/15’49)

For deep immersion in ambience
Aion (Petra Heleninová/ Slovakia/ 2014/6’43)

For dissonance that created resonance
Dissonance  (Till Nowak/Germany/2015/17’05)

For dangerous liaisons
Hard And Soft  (Andrey Bakhurin/ Russia/2015/2’27)

For lion’s view of life
The Lion (Peter Baynton/UK/2013/3’19)

For deep vision of feminine mind
Mirror in Mind (Seunghee Kim/ South Korea /2014/2’04)

For the unbridled love to life
Rim Sharafutdinov, per totality of the presented works   

The Best animation made by children 
White tiger  (Animation studio “Da”/ Russia/2015/1’59)


Video Installations Competition at the Erarta Museum of the Contemporary Art

Video installations competition Jury
Dmitry Vysotsky – animated film director  
Pavel Markaytis – chief of exhibition department at Erarta contemporary Art Museum 
Natalia Pankova – gallerist, curator,  art director at Benoit 1890 Cultural Center 


The Best Video Installation on a Screen
E in motion №2  (Sumito  Sakakibara/ Japan/ 2013)
The Best Video Installation  on an Object
По кругу/Full circle (Andrey Sikorsky/ Russia/ 2015)

Honorary Mentions  
For the harmonious fusion of the video and plastic arts    
Over (Dmitry Shorin, Vladimir Koroluk, Julia Lebedeva/Russia/2014)
For  wise Universe construction
Rhizome (Boris Labbé/France/2015)

For harmony of images and sound
Sleepwalker (Theodore Ushev/Canada/2015)

We are very grateful to all the authors and studios who sent their works to our competition, and we are waiting for your new animations at our next edition!

The winners of the XII International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”!

On November the 30th, the Jury announced the winners of XII International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”. You can find the list of awards and honorable mentions here

Short animations competition

The Festival Jury:
Konstantin Bronzit, Ilya Maximov, Nathalia Mirzoyan – animated film directors, Irena Evert, chief of Russian museum promotion department and Anastasia Kuryokhina, director of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center

“On the Other Side of the Woods”

dir. Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

The Best Visual Imagery
“The Shirley Temple”

dir. Daniela Sherer

The Best Story
“The Elephant And The Bicycle”

dir. Olesya Shchukina
France, Belgium

The Best Animation for Children
«Pik Pik 
dir. Dmitry Vysotsky

The Best Student Animation

dir. Janis Aussel, Elsa Boyer, Marie-Pierre Demessant, Dorian Lee, Laurent Moing, Guitty Mojabi, Aron Bothman

The Best Experimental Animation
“Applied Metacinema”

dir. Nieto

The Best 3D Animation
“Nothing Else But Water”

dir. Carlos De Carvalho

Honorable Mentions

For the breathtaking movie
“The Obvious Child”
dir. Stephen Irwin

For the creation of his own animation X-file
“Storm Hits Jacket”

dir. Paul Cabon

For creativity in animated form
Brave Mother

dir. Alexandra Lukina

For the merriest animation
“Piglet. Babysitter”

dir. Natalya Berezovaya

Video Installations Competition at the Erarta Museum of the Contemporary Art

The Festival Jury in video installations competition: Nikolay Kopeikin, Dmitry Shorin – artists, Dmitry Vysotsky – animated film director and Nathalia Pankova – gallerist and curator

The Best Video Installation
«Insectoid Girl, class AVS-13, searching for better life»

Andrey Sikorsky, Dmitry Kazakov

The Best Visual Imagery

Masanobu Hiraoka

The Best Narration

Lea Vidakovic

The Best Music Interpretation
“Light Motif”

Frédéric Bonpapa

For skills in reflection on the concept of Beauty
Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

The festival  team congratulates the winners, and also everyone who was selected for the competition.
We are looking forward to see your new works in the next year edition!

The winners of the XI International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”!

The professional Jury announced winners at 10 November. The Festival Jury are the animated film directors Konstantin Bronzit and Ilya Maximov; Andrey Sikorsky, an animated film artist; Alyona Minina, a film director, Nikolay Kopeikin, an artist, Anastasia Kurekhina, the director of the Contemporary Art Center named for Sergey Kurekhin.  
The winners of the festival are:

Sherlock Holmes and Little Chimney Sweeps (dir. Alexander Bubnov /Ukraine/2012/33’54)
•     The Best Story
Women’s letters (dir. Augusto Zanovello/France/2013/11’19)
•     The Best Visual Imagery
The Banquet of the Concubine (dir. Hefang Wei/France/2012/12’30)
•    The Best Film for Children
Snowflake (dir. Наталья Чернышова/Россия/2012/5’41)
•     The Best Experimental Animation 
Lonely Bones (dir.. Rosto/France/ Netherlands/2013/9’28)
•     The Best Video Installation 
Danse Macabre (dir. Boris Labbé/France/2013)
•     The Best Student Animation
Rhapsodie (dir. Charlotte Cambon De La Valette, Stéphanie Mercier, Soizic Mouton, Marion Roussel/France/2012/2’54)
•    «For a woman’s view of a man’s life»
Bear me (dir. Katarzyna Wilk/Germany/2012/5’44)
•     «For musical video that is better than music»
Lap me up (dir. Дмитрий Высоцкий/Россия/2013/3’48)
•     «For kindness»
Flying Animals /Hose is not the same – Flying animals (dir.. Джангир Сулейманов/Россия/2013/6’30)
•     «For intellectual humour»
Atomic Forest / My Michelle (dir. Алексей Лебедев/Россия/2013/22’07)
•     «For nostalgia»
OBNTZBNCHA (dir. Максим Лущик/Россия/2012/9’02)
•     «For the true fairy tail»
Poppety in the Fall (dir. Pierre-Luc Granjon, Antoine Lanciaux/France/2012/26’)
•     «For the thrilling and expressive atmosphere»
Feral (dir. Daniel Sousa/2012/USA/12’46)
•     «For the most serene film»
Navajo Song (dir. Роман Соколов/Россия/2012/6’30)
Best film made by children – animations by Da studio, Russia

We recall the winners of our summer competition of animations in public space:
at Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg-Amsterdam
The winners of the International competition “Life and the City” were:
Best International film (Eur 500 Prize  from True Scary TV channel)
“My mum is an airplane” Director: Yulia Aronova, Russia
“Macropolis” Director:  Joel Simon, UK
Best Russian film
“My mum is an airplane” Director: Yulia Aronova, Russia
Best Dutch film
“Snapshot” “Director: Arthur Van Merwijk, Netherlands
The Best  “Cats and the City” animated viral film
“Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat” Director:  Simon Tofield, UK

Official selection of the festival

Download catalogue

Congratulations for the winners of Multivision Festival 2013!

We are waiting your new works at the next edition! 
To remember: the deadline for entries to Multivision 2014 is at the 1st July 2014

The entry forms for next year is available already now at the competition section of the site

The animation film competition at Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg-Amsterdam, at 2 cities, 2 bridges, 2 screens united by video bridge:


The winners of “Life and the City” competiton

The compettion program was screened at night 19 to 20 July in St.Petersburg at the Troitsky Bridge and in Amsterdam at Magere Brug, competition was showed there by KLIK! festival. The screens on the bridges were connected by video bridge. The Jury chose winners: Best International Film Award, Prize 500 euros from True Scare TV Channel, shared My Mum is aeroplane by Julia Aronova, Russia (she is also awarded as the Best Russian film) and Macropolis by Joel Simon, UK. The Best Dutch Film Is Snapshot by Arthur van Merwijk. Russian 2 TV Channel about the screening

The winners of X Multivision Festival announced!

The winners are:
Gran Prix 1000 eur
Palmipedarium, dir. Jeremy Clapin France
Best Visual Imagery
Solipsist, dir. Andrew Huang USA
Best Student Animation
Cats in the pool, dir. KIM Bo-kyoung, Korea
Best Movie for Children
Masha and a Bear: Breath – Don’t breath! dir. Georguy Orlov, Russia
Best Experimental Animation
Videogiocco, dir. Donato Sansone, Italy
Best Video Installation
Medicine actions by Marina Alexeeva, Russia
Special mentions:
LOL – can’t stop laughing
Rollin’ Safari, dir. Kyra Buschor, Ännie Habermehl,Constantin Paeplow, Germany
Gourmet Animation:
Main Course
Una Furtiva Lagrima, dir. Carlo Vogele, USA
The Caketrope of BURTON’s Team, dir. Alexandre Dubosc, France
Best Video Art
Aalterate, dir. Christobal De Oliveira, France-Netherlands
For the art not only for art sake
Series “flying animals” Studio Da
Best film made by children
Films by Studio Da
Russian KLIK! Award
Snapshot, dir. Arthur van Merwijk, Netherlands

We are very greatfull to all the authors and studios who sent their works to our competition, who took part in outr workshops, and we are waiting for your new animations in the new year!

The Awards of VIII International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision

VIII International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision took place at 3-12 December 2010.
The choice of the Jury is 15 best animations in different nominations. This year we got a lot of brilliant animations in our competitive program, more than last year, but the jury decided that there is no main diamond amongst others and decided not to award Grand Prix this year 
So the winners of the festival are:

Best animations:

1ST PLACE – Specky Four Eyes (dir. Jean-Claude Rozec/France/2010/9’)
2ND PLACE – Mei Ling (dir. Stephanie Lansaque/Francois Leroy/France/2009/15’)
So the best  3 films of the festival are from France! Unbelievable!
3RD PLACE – The Little Dragon (dir. Bruno Collet/France/2009/8’15) Other awards and special mentions: read more…


 Other awards of 8th Multivision are:

BEST STORY –Angry Man (dir. Anita Killi/Norway/2009/20’)
BEST VISUAL IMAGERY–The Silence Beneath the Bark (dir. Joanna Lurie/France/2009/11’08)
BEST GADUATION FILM –Mobile (dir. Verena Fels/Germany/2010/6’31)


BEST FILM FOR CHILDREN- Masha and the Bear: Tracks of Unknown Animals /«Маша и Медведь: Следы невиданных зверей» (dir. Олег Ужинов/ Oleg Uzhinov/Russia/2010/7’)
SPECIAL MENTION FOR MOST ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO – N.A.S.A. «A Volta» (dir. Alexei Tylevich/ U.S.A./2009/4’23) SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE WITTIEST ANIMATION–Babioles (dir. Matray/France/2010/4’45)
SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE SOCIAL SATIRE– Man in Blue Gordini  (dir. Jean-Christophe Lie/France/2009/10’) SPECIAL MENTION FOR BRILLIANT AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE –The Moor (dir. Christophe Calissoni/Eva Offredo/France/2009/12’)
SPECIAL MENTION FOR UNCONVENTIONAL LOOK– Red-End And The Seemingly Symbiotic Society (dir. Robin Noorda/Bethany de Forest/Netherlands/2009/15′)
BEST ANIMATION MADE BY CHILDREN – The Very First Song/ «Самая первая песня» ( Studio of children animation DA /студия детской анимации «Да» /Russia/2009/2’23) THE TROPHY FOR THE MASTERY AND INVENTIVENESS IN ANIMATION– Autour de Minuit  film production company, producer Nicolas Schmerkin, France

The Jury:
Konstantin Bronzit, animated film director,
Dmitry Vysotsky, animated film director
Andrey Sikorsky, animated film artist,
Oleg Kotelnikov, artist,
Nathalia Egorova, head of First TV channel department
Lisa Savina, art criticist

Many thanks for all authors and studios who sent us their works. We are waiting for your new animations at the next year!
Yours faithfully
Organization Committee of Multivision Festival
St.Petersburg, Russia