1.The status of the Festival.

1.1. The  16th annual International Animation Arts Festival “Multivision”
will take place October 27 – November 19, 2018, in St.Petersburg, Russia. The festival is competitive and features competition screenings of animated shorts for the general public, adults, and kids in various cinema halls and art centers.

1.2. The festival has it’s summer open-air public art project called Multi-Bridge (or graFFFest in 2011-2013) It features the competition of animated shorts screened at the drawbridges in the city center free for the public. The Best Street Animation competition is a part of Multivision festival. The date for 2018  TBC.  NB! It will happen only if weather conditions will allow it, TBC. All other festival programs exhibited in halls will be demonstrated as usual.

1.3. The President and Director of the festival is Svetlana Petrova.

1.4. The official languages of the Festival: Russian, English.

1.5. The Festival is supported by Committee of Culture of the Administration of St.Petersburg.

2. Main activity areas and objectives. The concept.

2.1. The Festival is an annual screening of the best works in world animation and Russian animation.

2.2. The festival aims to illuminate recent developments and trends in international modern animation art; to promote a dialogue between artists of different countries; to acquaint the general public with the opportunities for expression that the achievements of new technologies offer; to the show the continuity between modern and classical art. The festival has been created to give a new impetus to the development of Russian animation art, which is our national pride.

2.3. The festival aims to encourage experience-sharing initiatives between Russian and foreign animation directors, developing new ideas, styles, and technologies.

2.4. To select and award the best animated films presented for the festival. 

2.5. To increase animation art popularity by involving the public, to encourage the interest of children and young people in the art of animation and to stimulate their creative potential.

2.6. To provide extra-curricular education and training opportunities for schoolchildren and youth by familiarising them with the basics of animation, cinema, art, theatre, and scenography, revealing children’s talents and skills in this area (potentially preparing them for future career choices).

2.7. The Festival features the following film screenings: competition and non-competition film screenings as well as a retrospective program.

2.8 The organizers of the Festival designates a proficient jury consisting of prominent persons from the field of animation and art.

2.10. The organizer of the Festival appoints the chairman of the international jury and ratifies the jury regulation.

2.11. The jury may not include people who have participated in the making or distribution of any film taking part in the competition screening.

3. Festival participants:

3.1. The festival will be open to all professional animation filmmakers from around the world who submit films in keeping with the regulations of the event as well as an entry form.

4. Nominations and prizes.

4.1. The films included in the Festival program are evaluated by the professional jury, in accordance with the following nominations:

  • The Grand-Prix of the festival;
  • The Best Script
  • The Best Visual Imagery
  • The Best animated film for children;
  • The Best student animation;
  • The Best experimental animated film;
  • The Best animated video installation
  • The Best Street Animation prize  (NB! competition in this nomination is held in summer apart of the main festival on evident weather reasons)
  • and other mentions according to the Jury decision

4.2. The jury awards the following prizes:

  • prizes for each nomination;
  • Special prizes and awards:
  • Prizes awarded by nongovernmental organizations and sponsors.

One can get an idea of the Festival Cups here

5. Competition programme requirements:

5.1. Films must comply with all the requirements raised for animation film.

6. Film selection regulations.

6.1. The selection committee selects films for the Festival program. The decisions of the selection committee are indisputable.

6.2. The organizer of the Festival reserves the right to include films of high artistic value, that for outer reasons have not been submitted for selection in due time, into the Festival program.

6.3. Only films finished after January 1, 2016 are accepted for the selection. Running time should be between 1 min and 30 min.

6.4. Selection results will be announced 1 October 2018

6.7. The Best City Animation competition theme of this year is “The Big Family”. All films applied for Multivision 2017 enter in the The Best Street Animation Competition if they correspond the theme for year 2017, “The Big Family”, have all audiences or 12+ age rating and running time not more than 10 min. NB! because of the bad weather conditions in St.Petersburg the Best City Animation competition will be held next summer

7. Noncontest programm requirements:

The noncontest programme will consist of several parts:

  • Part 1: films, submitted to the festival but not selected for the competition, which still merit to be screened at the festival.
  • Part 2: retrospectives of animation classics
  • Part 3: the programmes of famous animation artists, which are invited to  the festival.

8. Film submitting.

8.1. Films should be submitted online.

Online film submission is a film file uploaded to any ftp-server or file hosting with the link sent to us  by e-mail

– or film at video hostings Youtube and Vimeo with the link sent by e-mail.

– or at the festival submissions service – partner of Multivision Festival: 

HD quality is appreciated

8.2. The films with dialogues must be supplied with dialogue sheets.

8.3. Along with the film copy a filled entry form, 1 frame from the film ( jpg files, 300 dpi), biographies a filmography of the authors of the film, synopsis, full film credits must be submitted.

8.4. Entry forms:

Filled entry forms in text doc files should be submitted via email:

Signed entry forms (scanned) and all additional materials should be submitted via email: 

8.5. All applications,  all copies of the films and additional materials must be submitted to the Festival not later than 1 July, – Extended deadline – 1 August! 2018, by e-mail

Postal address of the festival (in exclusive cases of physical sending):

Multivision Festival
Rubinsteina str. 16 apt. 5,
191025 St.Petersburg, 


tel. +7 812 5756880

Attention! Please provide us a tracking number for an item sent! 

8.5. The organizer of the Festival takes full responsibility for the submitted material from the moment it is received. Viewing copies are not returned.

8.6  Screening copies are film files.
Guidelines for screening copies film files:
resolution – 1920х1080 
Video Codec – AVC,  H.264, .mp4 or .mov
Video Bitrate  from 10-20 Mbps. and more.
Audio – stereo
For the Final Cut users:
Apple ProRes 422 (LT) format
Better without subtitles
Subtitles text file with timecode should be submitted also

8.7  Screening film files should be uploaded to any ftp-server or file or file hosting with the link sent  by e-mail 

9. Arrival and departure of Festival guests

10.1. The organizer covers the part of expenses of residence in St.Petersburg (accommodation) for the participants of the competition program and guests if it has a budget for it (TBC).

10.2. Participants and summoned guests have to specify the date and time of their arrival beforehand.

10.3. Travel expenses to and from the Festival are fully covered by participants.

10. General rules.

11.1. Fragments of films (not more than 10% of the full length of the film or 3 min.) may be used in the advertising campaign of the Festival.

11.2. Information on studios, directors and their films that have been chosen for the Festival screenings will be published in the official Festival catalog which is distributed among the participants as well as sent to mass media, embassies, international organizations and other interested organizations and individuals.

11.3. Participation in the International Animation Arts Festival “Multivision”involves complete approval of the rules and conditions stated in this regulation.

And no entry fees for participants! we hate this:)