The professional Jury announced winners at 10 November. The Festival Jury are the animated film directors Konstantin Bronzit and Ilya Maximov; Andrey Sikorsky, an animated film artist; Alyona Minina, a film director, Nikolay Kopeikin, an artist, Anastasia Kurekhina, the director of the Contemporary Art Center named for Sergey Kurekhin.  
The winners of the festival are:

Sherlock Holmes and Little Chimney Sweeps (dir. Alexander Bubnov /Ukraine/2012/33’54)
•     The Best Story
Women’s letters (dir. Augusto Zanovello/France/2013/11’19)
•     The Best Visual Imagery
The Banquet of the Concubine (dir. Hefang Wei/France/2012/12’30)
•    The Best Film for Children
Snowflake (dir. Наталья Чернышова/Россия/2012/5’41)
•     The Best Experimental Animation 
Lonely Bones (dir.. Rosto/France/ Netherlands/2013/9’28)
•     The Best Video Installation 
Danse Macabre (dir. Boris Labbé/France/2013)
•     The Best Student Animation
Rhapsodie (dir. Charlotte Cambon De La Valette, Stéphanie Mercier, Soizic Mouton, Marion Roussel/France/2012/2’54)
•    «For a woman’s view of a man’s life»
Bear me (dir. Katarzyna Wilk/Germany/2012/5’44)
•     «For musical video that is better than music»
Lap me up (dir. Дмитрий Высоцкий/Россия/2013/3’48)
•     «For kindness»
Flying Animals /Hose is not the same – Flying animals (dir.. Джангир Сулейманов/Россия/2013/6’30)
•     «For intellectual humour»
Atomic Forest / My Michelle (dir. Алексей Лебедев/Россия/2013/22’07)
•     «For nostalgia»
OBNTZBNCHA (dir. Максим Лущик/Россия/2012/9’02)
•     «For the true fairy tail»
Poppety in the Fall (dir. Pierre-Luc Granjon, Antoine Lanciaux/France/2012/26’)
•     «For the thrilling and expressive atmosphere»
Feral (dir. Daniel Sousa/2012/USA/12’46)
•     «For the most serene film»
Navajo Song (dir. Роман Соколов/Россия/2012/6’30)
Best film made by children – animations by Da studio, Russia

We recall the winners of our summer competition of animations in public space:
at Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg-Amsterdam
The winners of the International competition “Life and the City” were:
Best International film (Eur 500 Prize  from True Scary TV channel)
“My mum is an airplane” Director: Yulia Aronova, Russia
“Macropolis” Director:  Joel Simon, UK
Best Russian film
“My mum is an airplane” Director: Yulia Aronova, Russia
Best Dutch film
“Snapshot” “Director: Arthur Van Merwijk, Netherlands
The Best  “Cats and the City” animated viral film
“Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat” Director:  Simon Tofield, UK

Official selection of the festival

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Congratulations for the winners of Multivision Festival 2013!

We are waiting your new works at the next edition! 
To remember: the deadline for entries to Multivision 2014 is at the 1st July 2014

The entry forms for next year is available already now at the competition section of the site

The animation film competition at Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg-Amsterdam, at 2 cities, 2 bridges, 2 screens united by video bridge: