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XVI International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” – CALL FOR ENTRIES!

The 16th annual Multivision Festival will take place October 27 – November 19, 2018, in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The deadline for submissions is the 1st of July 2018

We are waiting for your submissions to short animated film competition in all nominations, and to video installations competition as well.
The professional jury of well-known professionals in animation will award the following nominations: Continue reading…

Winners of XV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”

The professional Jury announced the winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”, that took place 28 October – 19 November 2017 in St.Petersburg, Russia

Short animations competition Jury:

President of the jury:
Konstantin Bronzit – animated film director, two-time Oscar nominee, Grand Prix of the Annecy Festival 2015
Dmitry Vysotsky, animated film director
Ilya Maximov – animated film director
Andrey Sikorsky – animated film artist, sculptor
Nikolay Kopeikin – artist and musician,
Anastasia Kuryokhina, art director of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center


Grand Prix. The Best Animated Short

Negative Space (dir. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata/France/2017/5’30)

“The Best Script” and “The Best Graduation Film”

Grandpa Walrus (dir. Jerome Barthelemy, Daniel Sauvage/France/2016/14’53)

“The Best Art Direction”

Nocturne (dir. Anne Breymann/Germany/2016/5’19)

Hybrids (dir. Florian Brauch/Matthieu Pujol/Kim Tailhades/Yohan Thireau/Romain Thirion/ France/ 2017/ 6’18)

“The Best Animation for Children”

Summer Camp Island (dir. JuliaPott/USA/2017/8’42)

“The Best Producer” — Serguey Kapkov

Animatango (dir. Elena Chernova/Russia /2017/4’55)

Special Mentions

“The Funniest Animation“ and “The Best Entertainment Animation”

Voyagers (dir. Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumény, Alexandre Dumez, Léa Finucci & Marina Roger/ France/2017/7’33)

“The Best Social Animation”

Corp. (dir. Pablo Polledri/Argentina/2016/9’00)

“The Best Animation about Friendship”

Pussy (dir. Renata Gasiorowska/ Poland/2016/8’0)

“The Best Animation about Love”

The Absence of Eddy Table (dir. Rune Spaars/Norway/2016/12’17)

“The Best Tale”

Hedgehog’s Home (dir. Eva Cvijanovic/Croatia/2017/10’08)

“Vive l’animation!”

The Table (dir. Eugène Boitsov/France/2016/4’19)


The Festival Jury in the video installations competition:
Andrey Sikorsky – animated film artist, sculptor,
Victoria Ilyushkina, artist, the curator of the International video art festival “Videoforma”, video archive CYLAND and video program of «Cyberfest»
Alexey Lovtsov – artist

Winners of the Best animated video installation competition in Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

  • “The Best Video Installation”

Too Tame! (dir. Rebecca Bloecher/ Germany/2017/6’41)

  • “The Best Artist” – Alice Saey

“Mark Lotterman – Happy” (Netherlands/2017/6’35)

Special Mentions

  • “For Modern Adaptation of Antique Technologies”

L’illusion de Joseph (dir. Pasquale D’Amico/Italy/2017/2’12)

  • “For the Fantastic World”

Aenigma (dir. Aris Fatouros/Antonis Ntoussias/Greece/2016/10’06)

  • “For the Picturesqueness”

Battle of San Romano (dir. Georges Schwizgebel/ Switzerland/2017/2’25)

Official selection of this year to be found here

We are very grateful to all the authors and studios who sent their works to our competition, and we are waiting for your new animations at our next edition!

Grand Prix. The Best Animated Short 2017

Official selection of the Multivision 2017

Welcome the official selection of XV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”!
This year the festival got more than entries from 88 countries. 162 animations were selected for the main competition and graduation films competition. These films will be screened to the public at the cinema centres “Rodina” and “Chaika” and in the art centre “Loft Project Etaji”. 23 works are selected for the competition in animated video art and video installations and will be exposed at the Multivision exhibition in the museum of contemporary art “Erarta”
The professional Jury of the Competition
President of the jury:
Konstantin Bronzit – animated film director, two-time Oscar nominee, Grand Prix of the Annecy Festival 2015
Dmitry Vysotsky, animated film director
Ilya Maximov – animated film director
Andrey Sikorsky – animated film artist, sculptor
Nikolay Kopeikin – artist and musician,
Anastasia Kuryokhina, art director of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center

Official Multivision Selection 2017


XV Multivision Festival 2017 official selection:
(films sorted by titles in alphabetic order, articles after the title)

Title / Director / Country of production

Main competition

2 Sort – Axiom Of Escobar / Nikolay Belov / Russian Federation

9 ways to draw a person / Саша Свирский / Russian Federation

Absence of Eddy Table The / Rune Spaars / Norway

Among the black waves / Анна Буданова / Russian Federation

And The Moon Stands Still / Yulia Ruditskaya / Belarus

Animatango / Elena Chernova / Russian Federation

Animaux domestiques Les / Jean Lecointre / France

Awesome Beetle’s Colors / Indra Sproge / Latvia

BabyRiki, A Tree / Татьяна Мошкова / Russian Federation

BabyRiki, Horsy / Анна Борисова / Russian Federation

Bedokur is a chef / Антон Верещагин / Russian Federation

Bene’s Horizon / Jumi Yoon / France

Big Adventure of a Little Line The / Antoine Robert / France

Black / Tomasz Popakul / Poland

Blissful Accidental Death, The / Sergiu Negulici / Romania

Bridge Over The River The / Jadwiga Kowalska / Switzerland

Brooklyn Breeze / Alex Budovsky / Colombia

Casparade – According to Plan / Kuba Tarkowsky / Poland

Circle of Life / Anna Humphries / United Kingdom

Cloud and the Whale, the / Алена Томилова / Россия

Corp. / Pablo Polledri / Argentina

Cosmos / Daria Kopiec / Poland

Day In The Park A / Diego Porral Soldevilla / Spain

Dolls Don’t Cry / Frederick Tremblay / Canada

Empty Space / ülo PikkovÜ / Estonia

end of the line The / William Côgo / Brazil

Fatcula / Martinus Klemet / Estonia

Fishes, Swimmers, Boats / Дмитрий Геллер, Андрей Кулев / China, Russian Federation, Bulgaria

Going Ape / Nicolas Lesaffre,Charles Blanchard / Hong Kong

Hedgehog’s Home / Eva Cvijanovic / Croatia

High Summer / Josselin Facon / France

Hunchback and the Swan The / Dotty Kultys / United Kingdom

I Want Pluto To Be A Planet Again / Marie Amachoukeli Vladimir Mavounia Kouka / France

I want to live in the Zoo / Evgenia Golubeva / Russian Federation

Impossible Figures and Other Stories II / Marta Pajek / Poland

Intimity / Elodie Dermange / Switzerland

JOB (Fool Time) / Gilles Cuvelier / France

Jonas and the Sea / Marlies van der Wel / Netherlands

Kaleidoscope / Murat Sayginer / Turkey

L’illusion de Joseph / Pasquale D’Amico / Italy

Leaf Fall / Рим Шарафутдинов / Russian Federation

Manivald / Chintis Lundgren / Estonia, Croatia, Canada

Mark Lotterman – Happy / Alice Saey / Netherlands

Midnight’s Garden / Benoit Chieux / France

Miriam by the lake / Riho Unt, Sergei Kibus / Estonia

Miriam`s Hen`s Dream / Andres Tenusaar / Estonia

Mon Homme (poulpe) / Stephanie Cadoret / France

My robot / Olesya Schukina / Russian Federation

Negative Space / Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata / France

Niggun / Yoni Salmon / Israel

No-No Wants to try a sport / Auvray Mathieu / France

Nocturne / Anne Breymann / Germany

Nouvelle Cuisine / Manuel Reyes Halaby / Spain

Ogre The / Laurène Braibant / France

Piglet. Wild. / Natalya Berezovaya / Russian Federation

PIN-Code / Алексей Горбунов / Russian Federation

Playing House / Cenk Köksal Özgül Gürbüz / Turkey

Plume The / Huang Ying / China

Pocket Man The / Ana Chubinidze / France

Power / Dana Sink / US

Rabbit’s 10. Who Stole the Birdhouse / Олег Ужинов / Russian Federation

Sand / Arjan Brentjes / Netherlands

Scrambled / Bastiaan Schravendee / Netherlands

Skyscrapers / Fabienne Giezendanner / Switzerland

Sled The / Olesya Shchukina / Russian Federation

Social window / Aad Verstraelen / Belgium

Sore Eyes for Infinity / Elli Vuorinen / Finland

Station The / Serdar Çotuk / Turkey

Summer Camp Island / Джулия Потт (Julia Pott) / US

Swiming lesson The / Tatyana Okruzhnova / Russian Federation

Tabook / Dario van Vree / Netherlands

Take any moment from the childhood / Н. Мирзоян, М. Карпова, И. Максимов, И. Мельников, А.Мефодин, А. Бахурин, К. Чиркина / Беларусь

Tanguito Argentino / Joaquin Braga / Argentina

Tempo / Arjan Brentjes / Netherlands

Time rodent / Ondrej Svadlena / France

Tina & Tony / Андрей Бахурин / Russian Federation

Totems / Paul Jadoul / France

Ugly / Nikita Diakur / Germany

Unicorn The / Rémi Durin / France

Volcano Island / Anna Katalin Lovrity / Hungary

Woody & Woody / Jaume Carrió / Spain

Yin / Nicolas Fong / Belgium

Yonghy Bonghy Bo / Liza Skvortsova / Russian Federation

Student and graduation films competition (also a part of the main competition)

Adam / Evelyn Ross / United States

Autopsy of Sven Svensson The / Hadas Coen / Israel

Blanket Tale / Maria Kuzmenko / Russian Federation

Blood Bank Burglar / Chen, Hung-Ching / Taiwan

BOB, the imaginary friend / Carlos Navarro / Spain

Bond / Judit Wunder / Hungary

Bricks The / Yekaterina Kireeva / Russian Federation

Burn Out / Cécile Carre / France

Catmos / Екатерина Милославская / Russian Federation

Chainlets / Alicja Błaszczyńska / Poland

Chandran’s cafe / Krishna Chandran A. Nair / France

Child / Viktor Stickel, Iring Freytag, Linus Stetter / Germany

Citipati / Andreas Feix / Germany

Controller The / Bob Yong Ian Ie Kang Yung Ho / United States

Creature from the lake / Renata Antunez, Alexis Bédué, Léa Bresciani, Amandine Canville, Maria Castro Rodriguez, Logan Cluber, Nicolas Grangeaud, Capucine Rahmoun-Swierczynski, Victor Rouxel, Orianne Siccardi and Mallaury Simoes. / France

D in David The / Michelle Yi Yaron Farkash / United States

Deep / Michelle Verhoeks / Netherlands

Delicatessen / Fenglin Chen / United States

Despair / Nikole Mc Gregor / Canada

Do It Yourself / Clarie Agnès, Chloé Masure, Louise Petit, Arnaud Behairi-Hadmar, Clémence Lejeune & Juliette Pecorard / France

Dragon Sledge / Evgeniya Jirkova / Russian Federation

Dying to Poo / Jamie Tey / UK

Eggs Change / Hee Won Ahn / United States

Event Horizon The / Michal Orzechowski / Poland

Falling Bébé / Wang, Yang-Zhen / Taiwan

Fauche qui peut / Marie Levasseur, Lucas Saint-Martin, Jehiel Abel, Ael Nosmas, Emmanuek Cutillas, Anthony Spitaels / France

Forest Paper The / Sipparpad Krongraksa / Thailand

Good Boy / Rachel Beltran Nicole Myers / United States

GP-to / Maxime Gental Zoé Pelegrin-Bomel / France

Grandpa Walrus / Jerome Barthelemy Daniel Sauvage / France

Hooked / Lucil Lepeuple, Margot Cardinael, Zoé Caudron, Benjamin Bouchard, Camille Gras and Marine Boudry / France

Hybrids / Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau & Romain Thirion / France

Invisible / Andrew Wilson Michael Trikosko / United States

iRony / Radheya Jegatheva / Australia

Krampus / James Gandy / United Kingdom

Labour of Loaf A / Chantelle Linane / United Kingdom

Late Bird Gets the World The / Thibaut Denise Giovanni Anthony Quentin Laurent / France

Leave a print / Christina Nerland / United Kingdom

Leave With Me / Mel Wong / United States

Momo / Damian Yapura / Argentina

My Beary Best Friend / Luiza Alaniz / United States

noise of licking, The / Nadja Andrasev / Hungary

Not The Same River. Not The Same Man / Michelle Brand / United Kingdom

October 2050 / Alžběta Göbelová / Czech Republic

Odd One Out / Foong Jean Lee / United Kingdom

Oh Mother! / Paulina Ziolkowska / Poland

One The / Wu,Yun-Hsuen / Taiwan

Outdoors / Anne Castaldo, Sarah Chalek, Elsa Nesme & Adrien Rouquié / France

Outremer / Hadrien Bonnet, Adrien Calle / France

Parfum Fraise / Alix Arrault, Martin Hurmane, Jules Rigolle, Samuel Klughertz / France

Pedestrian Pastry / Jorn Leeuwerink / Netherlands

Pedigree / Armin Assadipour / France

Periphery / Sasha Vasiliev / Russian Federation

Pioneers / Les Pionniers de l’Univers / Benjamin Bernon, Mathieu Guevel, Anthony Rege, Clementine Courbin, Jerome Van Beneden / France

Psychedelic Rope The / Liu Gaoxiang / China

Pussy / Renata Gasiorowska / Poland

Retouch / Ya-Yuan Hsu Yi-shan, Wang Yu-ru, Lin / Taiwan

Saccage / Alexandre Boesch–Brassens, Jonathan Breuer, Julie Mansuy, Nicolas Ocipski, Paul Gaulier, Samuel Ramamisoa, Sylvain Masson And William Rima / France

Shine / Johannes Flick Alexander Dietrich / Germany

Song of a toad, the (Ein Krötenlied) / Kariem Saleh / Germany

Stockholm / Jean-Baptiste Aziere Victor Chavanne / France

Subaffair / Ting-Ting, Chang / Taiwan

Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight / Sawako Kabuki / Japan

Table, la / Eugène Boitsov / France

Temptation / Camille Canonne Laura Bouillet / France

Tête à Tête / Natasha Tonkin / United Kingdom

There was a Cat / Sofya Nabok / Poland

Tiny Wing / Wei Li / United States

Tom in Couchland / James Just / United States

Toy house / Natasha Danilevskaya / Russian Federation

Twin Islands / Manon Sailly Charlotte Sarfati / France

Two trams / Svetlana Andrianova / Russian Federation

Unfinished Tales : The Alchemist / Hussam Ismail / Jordan

Voyagers / Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumény, Alexandre Dumez, Léa Finucci & Marina Roger / France

Where’s Ronald? / Jorn Leeuwerink / Netherlands

Wishgranter The / Kal Athannassov John McDonald / United States

Zoe’s Treasures / Huang, Kai Ti / Taiwan

Animated video installations and video art competition

9 ways to draw a person / Саша Свирский / Russian Federation

Aenigma / Aris Fatouros Antonis Ntoussias / Greece

Battle of San Romano / Georges Schwizgebel / Switzerland

Chase / Páraic Mc Gloughlin / Poland

Divisional Articulations / Max Hattler / Hong Kong

Ex Terrat / Reinhold Bidner / France

Five: Scherzo / Max Hattler Team Five / Hong Kong

Hummingbird Minuet / Lin, Yu-Jhen / Taiwan

Kaleidoscope / Murat Sayginer / Turkey

L’illusion de Joseph / Pasquale D’Amico / Italy

Mark Lotterman – Happy / Alice Saey / Netherlands

Nœvus / Samuel Yal / France

Nutag-Homeland / Alisi Telengut / Canada

Orogenesis / Boris Labbé / Spain

Plume The / Huang Ying / China

Re-Organization / Osi Wald Ricardo Werdesheim / Israel

Realm of Deepest Knowing The / Seung Hee Kim

/ Korea, Republic of

Retro Future / Mirai Mizue / Japan

Ten to the minus forty three second / Clément Courcier / France

The Laughing Spider / Keiichi Tanaami / Japan

Too Tame! / Rebecca Bloecher / Germany

Virtual Actors In Chinese Opera / Tobias Gremmler / Hong Kong, Taiwan

WireLess / Szandra Pataki / Hungary

XV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” – CALL FOR ENTRIES!

The 15th annual Multivision Festival will take place October 28 – November 20, 2017, in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The deadline for submissions is the 31st of August 2017

The festival’s has it’s summer open-air public art project called Multi-Bridge. It features the competition of animated shorts projected onto a giant 400 sq.m. screen installed at a drawbridge in the city center, for the attenntion of about 30 000 spectators. Admission free. The Best Street Animation competition is a part of Multivision festival. Continue reading…

Winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”

The professional Jury announced the winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”. You can find the list of awards and honorable mentions here

Short animations competition Jury:

President of the jury: 
Konstantin Bronzit 
– animated film director, two-time  Oscar nominee, Grand Prix of the Annecy Festival 2015
Dmitry Vysotsky, animated film director
Ilya Maximov – animated film director
Andrey Sikorsky – animated film artist, sculptor
Andrey Bakhurin – animated film director, script writer and artist
Nikolay Kopeikin – artist and musician,
Anastasia Kuryokhina, art director of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center Continue reading…

XIV Multivision Festival 2016 official selection for compettiion, students films competition, video installation competition, films made by children competion

XIV Multivision Festival 2016 official selection for compettiion, students films competition, video installation competition, films made by children competion:
(sorted by titles in alphabetic order, articles after the title)

Title        Director      Country of production

Main competition

About coati / Александра Слепчук / Россия
Animaholic / Adrián Piqueras Sánchez / Spain
ARTIST AND HOOLIGANS / Иван Максимов, Анна Романова / Россия
Bingo! / Patrick Schoenmaker / Netherlands
Bird Flu / Priit Tender / Estonia
Bird of Prey / Jelle Brunt & David de Rooij / Netherlands
Birdz / Emilien Davaud / Switzerland
Branded Dreams / Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels and Béla Zsigmond / Netherlands
Brave one, the / А. Кузнецов / Россия
Bruit du gris, le / Stéphane Aubier et Vincent Patar / France
Brunfelsia / Anna Constantinova / Italy
Catherine / Britt Raes / France
Charge The Dragon / Jan Bubeníček / Czech Republic
Child Dream / Christophe Gérard / France
Cingdom M. Legacy / Наталья Мирзоян / Россия
Cingdom M. Our little brothers / Наталья Мирзоян / Россия
Come Alive / Darcy Prendergast & Xin Li / Australia
Cuckoo, The / Дина Великовская / Россия
Decorado / Alberto Vazquez / Spain, France
Empty, the / Dahee Jeong / France / South Korea
Full Feather Jacket / Liz el Saadany / Netherlands
Gossamer, The / Наталья Чернышева / Россия
Habitat / Marcel Barelli / Switzerland
Head Vanishes, the / Franck Dion / France
Her name is Yoko / Михаил Сафронов / Россия
House of Unconsciousness / Alateadvuse maja / Priit Tender / Estonia
I am not a Mouse / Евгения Голубева / UK
In a Cage / Loic Bruyere / France
In the Forest of Broken Umbrellas / Дмитрий Высоцкий / Россия
Invisible Elephant /The / Анастасия Соколова / Россия
Isaac and Quincy / Liam Tate Jamie Stanton / UK
Itching, the / Dianne Bellino / USA
Joint-Tenants / Colocataires / Delphine Priet-Mahéo / France
Journal anime / Donato Sansone / France
Jukai / Gabrielle Lissot / France
Kid and the Hedgehog, the / Anna Solanas / Spain
King Who Collected Books, The / Bella Szederkényi / Hungary
Life with Herman H. Rott / Chintis Lundgren / Estonia / Croatia / Denmark
Lilou / Rawan Rahim / Lebanon
Little cars. The lorry / Сергей Люлин / Россия
Little Fox Who Could Play the Violin / Наталья Нилова / Россия
Little Thing / Or Kan-Tor / Israel
LOVE / Réka Bucsi / France, Hungary
Mamie / Janice Nadeau / France
MAMMOTH EFFECT, The / Vladek Zankovsky / Uk
Master, the / Riho Unt / Estonia
Melting POP / Alexandre Dubosc / France
Miriam`s Stray Dog / Andres Tenusaar / Estonia
Mishimasaiko / Aude Danset / France
Money Time / Ludovic  Houplain / France
Mystery of acrid smoke / Игнатенко Андрей / Россия
Nalim Malinych / С. Бирюков / Россия
Night Witch, the / Alison Klayman Dustin Grella / usa
No Offense / Kris Broghs / Belgium
Not a button / Андрей Жидков / Россия
Once Upon a Blue Moon / Steve Boot / UK
One Hell of a Plan / Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli / France
One who tamed clouds, the / Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / France
Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon / Tomer Eshed / Germany
Paniek! / Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink / Netherlands
Parade / Digna van der Put / netherlands
Piano / Kaspar Jancis / Estonia
Pica Pica / Mojgan Ghanaatgar / Switzerland
Pig. The Ghost / Н. Березовая / Россия
PIN-Code, We got you, Ballanoid! / Алексей Горбунов / Россия
Right place, the / Fernando Franco, Begoña Arostegui / Spain
Riki, Ears /  Татьяна Мошкова / Россия
So Close / Lucie Thocaven / Belgium
Spring Rain / Po-Chou Chi / tAIwan
Tea Time / Guillaume Blanchet / France
Teeny-weeny Fox, the / Aline Quertain et Sylwia Szkiladz / France, Belgium, Switzerland
That Fat Cat Ate Dad’s Hat / Darran Kuah Sebastian Law / Singapore
That tortoise / С. Меринов, А. Стрельбицкая, Н. Фомичева и Саша Геометрический / Россия
Tiny creatures / ignasi lopez fabregas / Spain
TIS / Chloë Lesueur / France
Travelling Country / Vanja Andrijevic / Croatia
Trial & Error / Antje Heyn / Germany
Two short tales / Е. Касавина / Россия
Weather The Storm / Peter Baynton / UK
Wet hair, the / Rebecca Akoun / Austria
Wonder Ball / Dana Sink / USA
Yùl and the Snake / Gabriel Harel / France

Student and graduation films competition (a part of the main competition)

14 / Amélie GRAFFET Cyril FLOUS Charlotte DA-ROS Roxane MARTINEZ David JURINE Juliette COUTELLIER / France
69SEC / Laura Nicolas / Belgium
About balls / Е. Трапезникова / Россия
Ad vitam aeternam / Benoit Madeleine, Clément Guihard, Clément Poulain, Guillaume Letourneur, Raphaël Bellino / France
Amazing Dancing Bear, The  / JongEun Kim / USA
Asteria / Alexandre Arpentinier, Mathieu Blanchys, Lola Grand, Tristan Lamarca, Thomas Lemaille, Jean-Charles Lusseau / France
Bear Hugs / Masha Zarnitsa / United States
Beard ,The / Софья Бадалова / Россия
Bed Time / Grace Foo / UK
Belle Comme Un Coeur / Gregory Casares / Switzerland
BIRDIE, THE / Екатерина Филиппова / Россия
Black Widow / Julie Boehm / Germany
Blink / Manon Ghys – Victoria Léger – Nathan Rémy – William Steiner / France
Borderlines / Hanka Nováková / CZECH REPUBLIC
Branded Dreams / Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels and Béla Zsigmond / Netherlands
Bumpy Ride, a / Chang Shu / USA
Cat and its Artist, The  / Maike Koller / Germany
Charlie’s buck teeth / Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas, Chao-Hao Yang / France
Child / Iring Freytag Viktor Stickel / Germany
Constructeur de Malheur, le / Philipp Gratzer / Austria
CONSUMANITY / (Fabio Enrique Perez Ortiz) / Germany
Conte oriental / Cosette NIGON Mélanie LE FORBAN Camille FACHE Charly BOYER / France
Cour, La / Estelle Costedoat, Antoine Engels, Julien Fradin, Florian Gourdin, Pierre-Edouard Mérien, Olivier Royer / France
Crabe phare / Gaëtan Borde, Benjamin Lebourgeois, Claire Vandermeersh, Alexandre Veaux et Mengjing Yang / France
Dead Friends / Changsik Lee / Canada
Delivery / Leslie BELOT Thibaut SCALESSE Sophie BLAYRAT Kai HUANG Loan TORRES / France
Deracine / Florent Arnould, Julien Becquer, Noémie David, Andy Dupont, Matthias Mouton France / France
Dust / Alex Klexber / Israel
Eidos / Elena Ortolan / Italy
FEED / ERI okazaki / Japan
Feedback / Ondřej Javora Filip Javora / Czech Republic
First Snow / Lenka Ivancikova / Czech Republic
Full Measures / XUEJING XU / USA
G’old Fish / Cain Pickens  / France
GardenParty / Théophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Claire / France
Gokurosama / Clémentine Frère, Aurore Gal, Yukiko Meignien, Anna Mertz, Robin Migliorelli, Romain Salvini / France
Graveland / Nicolas ALBRECHT / France
Graveyard Shift, the / Lara Arikan / USA
Groomed / Samantha Armiger / usa
Grounded / Lucas Durkheim  / France
Gyros Dance / Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc / Poland
HALLUX / Henning Thomas / Germany
Hamlet. Comedy. / Евгений Фадеев / Россия
Holy city / mor galperin inbal bentzur / Israel
Hum / Tom Teller / USA
In Other Words /  Tal Kantor / Israel
Invasion Day / Vincent De Bellis, Milos Erastotene, Terence Guilpin, Léo Lefebvre, Raphaël Leylavergne, Arthur Loiseau, Mohamed Oumoumad, Dimitri Trouvé / France
Jubile / Coralie Soudet, Charlotte Piogé, Marion Duvert, Marie El Kadiri, Agathe Marmion / France
Keiro / Tatiana JUSKEWYCZ, Benoît LELOUP, Franck MENIGOZ, Zoé NÉROT, Charlotte PONCIN / France
Knight To Meet You / Antoine FROMAGER – Laurie BOGDEL – Loïc RESPLANDY – Lucas GODINEAU – Mathieu ASTRUC – Nicolas CANOT  / France
L’aviatrice / Jacques Leyreloup, Victor Tolila, Perrine Renard, Laura Viver Canal, Gaël Chauvet / France
Last Act / Daphné Chabrier, Laura Hottot, Cécile Peyron / France
Last Judgment /  Junyi Xiao / США USA
Little fellow / Mathilde Parquet / France
Little Shoemaker, the / Galaad ALAIS / France
Little stone lion / Chen Tang / Taiwan
Luxna / Anthony Bonnard, Abdelkader Alihadef, Juliette Dominguez, Timothé Claeys, Hugo Falaize, Vincent Barré / France
Machinator, the / Pablo Latorre / Argentina
Mars 3752 / Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / France
Mastercat / Margaux Rosiau, Geoffrey Bourrissoux, Camille Aubé, Maud Biscay / France
Mechanical / Alba Capilla / Spain
Miracle, the / Hana Kotlarova / CZECH REPUBLIC
Missing Key / Romane André, Robin Lavigne, Justine Landau, Francis Lacogne, Livia Macon, Pauline Renaud / France
Mycroft / Célestine Plays & Simon Gobbi / France
Nadir / Lorène Yavo / Belgium
November / Marjolaine Perreten / France
Oh Hiss ! / Boris Brenot / Belgium
Once upon a line / Alicja Jasina / Poland
Outdated / Alexandra Hetmerova / Czech Republic
Pale Blue Dot / Chin Li Zhi / Singapore
Party / Daniel Barany / Hungary
Passenger, The  / Orlane Brouillet, Claire d’Intorni, Antoine Mariez, Lucie Martinetto, Réda Mehleb, Eva Seyeux / France
Perched / Liam Harris / uk
Perfect Fit / Vladimir Stanishevskii / USA
Phosphoros / Manolya Kuelkoeylue Jan Philipp Mekus / Germany
Pirate Smooch / toufik Abdedaim / Germany
Planet Unknown / Shawn Wang / China
PUZZLE / Stav Levi / Israel
Quacksalver / Jorn Leeuwerink / Netherlands
Resistance / Alex Chauvet, Anna Le Danois, Quentin Foulon, Fabien Glasse, Juliette Jean, Julie Narat / France
Ressac / Gaëtan JAYLE / France
Roger / Sonia Cendón Quireza Sara Esteban Riera Arnau Gòdia Montesinos Ingrid Masarnau Amorós Martí Montañola Vilet / Spain
Selfie Cat / ASSIE Geoffrey / BERNARD Emeline /DIVET Elsa / France
Session / Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez / Germany
Sheep Shop, the / Jorn Leeuwerink / Netherlands
Sirocco / Avril Hug, Lauren Madec, Kevin Tarpinian, Thomas Lopez, Romain Garcia / France
SpellBound / Ying Wu Lizzia Xu / USA
Spotlight / Otalia Causse / France
Story of the Boy with Magic Moles, The / Malgrin Debotté / Morgane Marinos, Claire Brodelle, Cindy Kinadjian, Clarisse Valeix / France
Tekkol / Jorn Leeuwerink / Netherlands
To Rouse the Wolf / Лиза Астрецова / Россия
U Scrusciu Du Mari / Fabien Collet, Fanny De Carvalho, Arnaud Douzal, James Nardelli, Lea Rossi, Zarah Towey / France
Valley Below, the / Joel Hofmann / Switzerland
Water lily / r Justine Cunha, Clémentine Delcourt, Alexandra Batina, Margaux Lahuppe et Pascal Miller. / France
World Welcomes Fame, The / Alexis Burlat / Belgium
Zzzen / Eliot Tisserand, Célia Barillaux, Clarisse Rubini, Emilie Scaps, Nicolas Triboult, Geoffroy Canedi  / France

Video installations competition

ANY ROAD / Boris Labbé, Daniele Ghisi / France
Great Escape, The / Wei Keong Tan / Singapore
Little Girl / Steven Subotnick / USA
Lucy / Evert de Beijer / Netherlands
Message of the Animals / Elke H. Markopoulos / Germany
Peripheria / David Coquard-Dassault / France
Peter’s Forest / Martina Mestrovic / Croatia
POPS / Shiro Ichige / Japan
Post Rebis / Alessandro Amaducci / Italy
Sparrow Duet / Steve Socki / USA
To Be Continued …  / KIM&HIM / Germany
Variable Geometry / Marie-Brune de Chassey / Belgium
Films made by children

About a cow-boy/Про ковбоя/Горб Виктория, Береда Ульяна, Григорук Анна, Симутина Елизавета/Украина
Alarm/Котовасия/Пархоменко Диана, Цима Снежана, Королёва Мария, Ефимова Анастасия, Гридчина Елена, Биндзюра Алёна/Украина
And suddenly…/И вдруг…/Подгорная Дарья/Украина
Arakabus/Camera Etc/Belgium
Coconut Tree Road/Camera Etc/Belgium
Day Like Any Other, A /Camera Etc/Belgium
Heroes of our city,The /Герои нашего города/ Собинина Оксана/Россия
Infokind/ Jonasz Wiewiór/ Poland
Journey cat, The/ Путешествие кота Семёна/ Кошевич Оксана/ Россия
Little hamster/Хомячок/Осолоткина Ярослава/ Россия
Look around on a house it/Оглянись на дом свой/ Корнюшенко Полина, Матяш Александра, Макина Мария, Курбатова Надежда, Молодых Вероника/ Украина
Magic Rope/CLIA ANILUPA Associação/Portugal
Rulers of planet of evil/Владыки планеты зла/ Денисов-Чалый Сиверин, Литвиненко Валерий, Витковская Ева, Бережная Оля, Никитенко Александр, Билык Елизавета, Колесникова Анна/Украина
To the Treasure Island/CLIA ANILUPA Associação/Portugal
Touché/ Camera Etc/Belgium
Tracks on sand/Следы на песке/ Матяш Александра, Корнюшенко Полина/Украина
War and pigeons/Война и голуби/Береда Валерия, Губакова Александра, Железняк Лидия,Мешкова Анна, Шевчук Вероника, Сафикюрдский Артур, Григорук Анна./Украина
What A Fuss/Ну и суматоха/Camera Etc/Belgium
Yellow Van, The/CLIA ANILUPA Associação/Portugal
Мой новый год/Архип Варфоломеев/Россия