The winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”


Winners in the Short animations competition (graduation films included)

Grand Prix. The Best Animated Short

Negative Space (dir. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata/France/2017/5’30)

“The Best Script” and “The Best Graduation Film”

Grandpa Walrus (dir. Jerome Barthelemy, Daniel Sauvage/France/2016/14’53)

“The Best Art Direction”

Nocturne (dir. Anne Breymann/Germany/2016/5’19)

Hybrids (dir. Florian Brauch/Matthieu Pujol/Kim Tailhades/Yohan Thireau/Romain Thirion/ France/ 2017/ 6’18)

“The Best Animation for Children”

Summer Camp Island (dir. JuliaPott/USA/2017/8’42)

“The Best Producer” — Serguey Kapkov

Animatango (dir. Elena Chernova/Russia /2017/4’55)

Special Mentions

“The Funniest Animation“ and “The Best Entertainment Animation”

Voyagers (dir. Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumény, Alexandre Dumez, Léa Finucci & Marina Roger/ France/2017/7’33)

“The Best Social Animation”

Corp. (dir. Pablo Polledri/Argentina/2016/9’00)

“The Best Animation about Friendship”

Pussy (dir. Renata Gasiorowska/ Poland/2016/8’0)

“The Best Animation about Love”

The Absence of Eddy Table (dir. Rune Spaars/Norway/2016/12’17)

“The Best Tale”

Hedgehog’s Home (dir. Eva Cvijanovic/Croatia/2017/10’08)

“Vive l’animation!”

The Table (dir. Eugène Boitsov/France/2016/4’19)


Winners of the Best animated video installation competition in Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

  • “The Best Video Installation”

Too Tame! (dir. Rebecca Bloecher/ Germany/2017/6’41)

  • “The Best Artist” – Alice Saey

“Mark Lotterman – Happy” (Netherlands/2017/6’35)

Special Mentions

  • “For Modern Adaptation of Antique Technologies”

L’illusion de Joseph (dir. Pasquale D’Amico/Italy/2017/2’12)

  • “For the Fantastic World”

Aenigma (dir. Aris Fatouros/Antonis Ntoussias/Greece/2016/10’06)

  • “For the Picturesqueness”

Battle of San Romano (dir. Georges Schwizgebel/ Switzerland/2017/2’25)

Official selection of this year to be found here

We are very grateful to all the authors and studios who sent their works to our competition, and we are waiting for your new animations at our next edition!

Grand Prix. The Best Animated Short 2017