Dear friends, we announce hereby selection at the 1st step of our festival – Street Art animation competition at our summer open air project graFFFest. We remind you that we are still accepting entries to our main festival at November till 15 August!

The films selected for the Street Animation Competition at graFFFest will be screened at Multi-Brdge St.Petersburg – Amsterdam, in the unique open-air “cinema hall” in the very heart of St. Petersburg and Amsterdam on the night of July of 19 to 20. Read more:

The lifted section of the Troitsky drawbridge facing the Hermitage museum would then become a screen for cine-street-art in St.Petersburg. The screen will measure over 400 square meters, rising high above the city streets. Tens of thousands city residents and guests will be our audience. In Amsterdam film competitions will be screened at Magere Brug by our partner festival KLIK! The screens at the bridges will be united by video bridge and audience in both cities can see each other and share their love to animation!. Admission free.
Cats and the City competition is a section of previous one and will be screened there also.

The screening begins 19 July at 23.00 at Amsterdam and at 01.00 in St.Petersburg by direct videobridge between the cities. The winner will be announced there and will be awarded with the prize 500 euro by TV channel “True Scare TV”

Competitions selection:
Best “Life and the City” short animated film

«Моя мама самолет»/My mum is an aeroplane (реж. Ю.Аронова/Россия /2012/6’45’)
My mum is an aeroplane, my dad is a steamboat.

Variety (реж. Roelof van den Bergh /2008/Netherlands/ 4’45)
A young plate spinner starts his act by placing his parents on two of his plates…

It’s A Dog’s Life (реж. J.Rembauville, N.Bianco-Levrin/France/Canada /2012/7’46’)
This evening, the dog Fifi is forced to read its newspaper under the table during the dinner…

«Хавай меня, хавай»/Lap me up (реж. Д.Высоцкий/Россия/3’49)
Aquarium music video “Lap me up”. A magical mystery tour of a yellow hippie bus…

Odd Sound Out (реж. P.Sihm/Denmark/2013/6’30)
Trootpout is part of a small band of invisible creatures that play the mood quiet young man named Olaf…

Macropolis (реж. J.Simon/UK/2013/7’05’)
Discarded from a factory production line and coming to life, two disabled squeaky toys rebel…

Time to go (реж. D.Prendergast/Australia/2012/3’14)
A curious stop-motion blue octopus into the streets and alleyways, for Wax Tailor’s latest single «Time To Go».

The butterfly effect (реж. D.Sumich /UK/2012/3’04)
An ordinary looking guy wakes up one morning, but an extraordinary sequence of events draws him into a journey of mayhem on the streets of San Francisco.

Linear (реж. A.Admoni/Brazil/2012/6’00’)
The line is a dot that went for a walk.

Snapshot (реж. A.Van Merwijk/Netherlands/2012/2’30)
An idyllic clearing in a forest seems the perfect spot to photograph animals in their natural habitat, but a well-meaning couple of day trippers misses everything that takes place right under their noses.

Out from the Deep (реж. K.Novakovic/ Croatia/2013/ 6’46’)
The Good Old Swing Octopus comes to the rescue! Out from the depths of the sea, it brings life to our faded city souls.

Yonalure:moment to moment (реж A.Nakata, Y. Sakitani /Japan/2011/ 7’52)
A big white globe appears in a town. It has round eyes and a pointed nose. And houses begin to move all at once.

Facepad (реж. A. Géré/ France/2011/1’50)
Facepad, une tentative de séduction faite de transformations et de références d’une nouvelle époque. Une fable classique revisitée.

The Employment (реж. S.Bou Grasso/ Argentina/ 2008/ 6’20)
A man performs his usual trip to work, immersed in a world where the use of people as objects is an everyday thing

Things you’d better not mix up (реж. J.Lieuwma/ Netherlands/2010/1’10)
A series of things you’d better not mix up.

The Best “Cats and the City” animated viral film selection:

Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat dir. Simon Tofield UK 2011
Welcome to Kitty City dir. Cyriak Harris UK 2011
Stray dir. Guy Collins Australia 2011
Real-Life Nyan Cat dir. Calvin Sang New Zealand 2011
ROLLIN` SAFARI – what if animals were round? (dir. Kyra Buschor, Anna Habermehl, Constantin Päplow / Germany, 2012)

Watch how it was in 2012: